Improving your gut can never be overrated. It will always affect your life, so having a healthy gut will always be of great significance. Your gut is connected directly to the brain and affects your hormones and mood, as well as the weight and your overall health.

However, many people seem not to care bout the gut and have little or no knowledge about how to correct an issue with it. Because we deal with a lot of stress and becaue in the last few decades the food has significantly changed, we suffer from the gut.

Heal your Gut

Heal your Gut

Luckily, there is some proven nutrition and lifestyle changes that can get your gut back to normal in no time.

First, we have to say that over the counter drugs can only do you worse, never better. Most of them contain plenty of chemicals, and digestive supplements that the market has not agreed are good for your body.

Exception can only be the probiotics.

This is why, when you take all of this into consideration, and you think nothing is left, we tell you to stick around. We will reveal to you several steps about how to take charge of your own gut and improve it.

You are going to enjoy the long term results. You will feel the difference in an instant.

  • Remove all things bad!

All the trans fat, junk food, foods high in saturated fats, artificial sweeteners and sugar don’t support the health of the gut, so all of them must be removed from your home. All of thse foods have shown to feed the bad and dissolve the good bacteria, which are optimal for your health.

In order to maintain a gut health, the good bacteria must be present in your body. This is why you must do everythig you can in order to make it happen.

But what about the prescription drugs and coffee? Even though you need to talk to your doctor about the drugs, you have to do your own research too. Prescription drugs apparently can be as harmful as any form of processed food.

There are many dietary changes and holistic options that you can substitue the prescription drugs with, just consult your doctor. And the coffee, as well as any other source of caffeine, destroys the gut and the digestion system.

Try to reduce your caffeine intake, and switch it for green tea or only one cup of coffee within a day. Overall, all the processed foods, too many prescriotion drugs and an excess amount of coffee can only do you harm.

When you try to exclude all of these products, you have to substitute them with somethign rich in nutrients. Here are some examples of it.

  • Add the good food!

What should you eat when you’ve get rid of all the processed and unhealthy foods? Focus on foods that will improve your digestion and gut health.

* whole grain oods, high  in vitamins, minerals, fiber and water are the best way to start off your list. But make sure that you don’t consume too much of it if you are suffering from any digestion issues. Adding more fiber to your diet can focus on repairing the gut on a long term.

* focus on consuming at least one vegetable within a day. Asparagus, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, peppers, onion, celery, kale, spinach, artichokes, squash can all benefit to a  much healthier gut.

* add some lean prootein to your diet too. Start off with fish, lentils, black beans, yogurt, or eggs. Just note that the eggs may be a bit strong for the stomach, so don’t take too many of them.

Also, swith to small amounts of nuts and seeds and observe how you react to them now. While they’re filled with omega 3, they can do some damage to your gut, so make sure you decrease their consumption.

* the healthy fats, such as coconut oil, olives, fish oil, ground flax and hemp seeds are all a vital part of the digstion and the process of taking in the nutrients.

* when you choose carbs, choose the cooked options, such as sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, winter squash, oats, yellow or gold potatoes, tomates, berries, pears and melons, and also cucumber and pineapple.

* finally, herbs and roots such as ginger, peppermint, turmeric, basil, oregano, support the gut and the healthy bacteria in the body.

  • Probiotics

The probiotics increase the level of healthy bacteria in the body, improving the absorbtion of nutrients and the digestion.they break down the fungal walls and diminish the harmful bacteria. Yu can even add some of the natural fermented food along with the probiotics products in order to maintain the good digestion and even work your body through a little detox.

  • Get some sleep!

Quality sleep is important as any other aspect to preserving our health. The body cannot function properly if it is not well rested.

The digestive system struggles to stay in proper function when you are not rested. Take the time for yourself and go to sleep in the proper hours, your body will be grateful to you.

  • Exercise!

Because your gut is a muscle, naturally, it has to move, like any other muscle in the body. By exercising regularly you will improve your digestion and even lower the level of stress.

You don’t have to be active the whole day, just don’t settle for a sedentary lifestyle. Your gut will be thankful.

  • Cut calories, but not all of them!

The low calorie diets do not support the health of the gut because in the long run, it means that they drain out the body from all the important nutrients instead of consuming new ones every day. And with each passing day, you will feel smaller, more exhausted and not as healthy.

Turn to foods rich in good calories. Prepare yourself a meal at home if you have a busy day ahead of you. Just balance your meals and make sure you get the proper intake of every nutrient.

  • Finally, don’t lose focus!

This is the hardest part of them all. It might take some time and you might have to struggle at first, but you will never overcome your digestive issues if you give up.

Follow your meal plan, find yourself a partner to be in this together, or a nutritionist, and lower your stress levels.

At the very end, don’t forget to constantly educate yourself about the food you consume and on how to maintain proper gut health. These tips we’ve told you will definitely help you. Improve your digestion and prevent any issues in the future.