Most of the people think that going to the gym is only for people who look really good, and before signing up to go themselves, they worry a lot, or simply come up with excuses not to go, such as lack of money, time, and so on. As most things in life, going to the gym is as hard or as easy as you make it.

It is actually a mental game. Have you ever thought why the pre-workout supplements work so well? It is because they help a person come to the mental state to have a pleasant workout.This is why we wrote this article, so that you can find out what to do once you enter the gym.




It is a good read, especially for the beginners or those who are going back to the gym after a long time. Here we go.First, you need to keep yourself motivated at all times. As we already said, get into that particular mental state.

The humans are species which are used to habits, and they don’t like it when things change. Our bodies have adapted to the current situation (not going to the gym) and it’s going to stay that way.

This is why you have to treat the gym like all the other aspects in your life and set realistic goals for yourself. Set small steps or milestones, for an example, go to the gym three times in a week, on specific days and be active for 20 minutes every day.

Second comes the part where the gym becomes a habit. Studies have shown that you need 66 days to form a habit or a break from something. If you want the gym to be a part of your life, you have to make it a habit.

Every thing you do in order to take care of yourself, such as taking a shower or brushing your teeth is no different from going to the gym. Well, there is one difference, the gym takes work and energy, and it brings you pain at first.

We are not going to sugar coat this one for you, going to the gym at the very beginning can seem like a real battle. But thankfully, there are ways to make this transitioning easier on you.

Try not to demotivate yourself and don’t give everything you’ve got on your first workout or in your first week. A lot of people give 110% of themselves, and then feel sore for days and are unable to go to the gym at all.

You have to take it easy and train your mind to do it too. Don’t push yourself too hard, just take one step at a time. After you’ve passed a week or two of training, you can push yourself a bit harder.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you will be better if you push yourself from the beginning, because you won’t.Get used to the environment. You can be freaked out at first, and that is okay too.

Feel scared it you want to, but eventually you have to look at the gym as your place, where you go to work on yourself. You just have to get used to it, at your own pace of course.

Focus on yourself, if you want to zone out the noise and environment around you, turn to music, a lot of people do. But, do you feel self-conscious? Then, take a look at it this way – everyone are at the gym for their personal reasons, but mostly because they want to improve the image of themselves.

You are not the only one there for that reason, everyone are. Always remember that you are not alone.So, when you’ve passed all of these phases, it is time for some basic training.

At this point you are probably two or three weeks into your exercising routine, probably going to the gym and work out for half an hour or so. As you get used to this, increase the time you spend at the gym.

But that is not your goal. Keeping yourself active and motivated is.So, when you get there, don’t leave your common sense at the front door. Lifting common sense is actually not that common.

If you stop for only a second to think about what you are going to do, then the logic will start working. The simplest way to learn any new movement is to observe the angle of pull.



It is dictated by the gravity or whichever direction the machine is set to go. You push or you pull, and it may sound simple now, but trust us, it is not.

Don’t make a failure by doing movement which has no impact on the part of your body you’re trying to work on. Put two equal weights on both sides of your arms or legs for whichever part of your body you need to work on, and focus on activating those muscles, feel them.

So, finally, you get to the machines. Actually, they are recommended for people who have just joined the gym. And why is that so? Because they can firstly, assist with your movements, and secondly, limiting the imbalances in your body, thus providing you with stability.

They can also teach you some basic movements. This is why now we are going to compare five basic movements to real life situations, in order for you to understand better how they work for you and why they are important.

  • Bench press – when something that stands in front of you, but you’re pushing it away. This is a movement that is similar to closing a door, or getting up from the ground, and it activates your shoulders, triceps and chest.
  • Mid row – now you’re pulling something which is front of you, but close to you. It is the exact opposite movement of the first one. This is equal to opening the door, and activates your back and biceps.
  • Shoulder press – here you push away something that is above you. Just like you would raise the roof if you could. Honestly, this movement is kind of excluded from the every day life, and that is too bad, because it is quite an important move. Because we do not do a lot of these movements in real life, focusing on this exercise is very important to activate a certain area of muscles. You will activate the shoulders and the triceps.
  • Pull down – this is the most confusing machine of them all. You take the handles of the machine and you pull them down, contrary to the pull ups, where you hold your entire body with your hands in order to pull the body up. But the movements are basically the same. They are opposite from the shoulder presses, because here you pull something which is above you to go down on you. This movement not only balances out the shoulder presses, but it also activates your biceps and back.
  • Leg press – this is any movement you make when you go from a bent legged sitting position to a standing position. The muscles in your legs will balance out perfectly with this exercise. All you have to do is start doing them.

For the several months to come, these basic movements are all you need.Finally, we feel that people fail when it comes to the gym because they have an improper training and set unrealistic goals. Start with the basic and lift yourself up, one step at a time. Be patient with yourself and kind to your body.

We have provided you with a lot of movements for the first couple of months, now all you need to do is simply develop the habit. Then it’s all good from there. Remember to stay active, motivate yourself and create a healthy habit, the rest will fall into place by itself.