Do you have any idea how to get and maintain a glowy and beautiful skin the natural way? Well, the genes do not play a big role in this process and most of the influential factors are connected to what we consume and how we live our lives every day.

The truth about everyone is that we are constantly exposed to all sorts of toxins, starting from our food, hygiene products and beauty products, to our work and home environment.

Glowy Skin

Glowy Skin

So, although we cannot control every aspect of our lives, we can control some of them, and that is more than enough. And why do we have to control it? Because everything that comes in contact with our bodies ends up inside of them.

The skin is the biggest organ we have. From 20 to 30 minutes upon everything that touches our skin, goes into the body and possibly in some of our organs. We just need to take our skin a little bit more seriously.

If we pay more attention to what we eat, what touches our skin and how we take care of ourselves, we would all definitely look more radiant. We simply need to take force of action.

If you want to get this glow naturally, then you definitely need to listen carefully to what your body says and try to stay away from as much toxins as you can.What you need to do first is detox your body.

You will do it by consuming some products in moderate or cutting them off completely. Some of the products which do the most damage to your body are sugar, alcohol, gluten, refined grains, excess caffeine, all processed oil, soy, junk food, all fast foods, and packaged foods with ingredients which are difficult for you to pronounce, and animal products.

Thankfully, you can easily avoid all of these stuff by focusing on the foods which can actually do your body a lot of good. Here are some of the organic choices which you can eat as much as you want and can.

Feel free to consume fruits and vegetables, as well as leafy greens, non-dairy fermented foods, wild rice, gluten free organic oats, natural super foods, organic coconut oil or raw coconut butter, raw seeds and nuts, avocados, root vegetables, gluten-free grains and red split lentils.

But, because this is all a bit unexplained, in addition we give you a few tips on how to speed up the process of obtaining a lovely and glowing skin.

  • Try to consume more raw foods – the raw food is the best way to eat, well, food. The benefits are that you intake most of any food when you eat it raw. Actually, one of the most necessary compounds our bodies need is the Vitamin C. It reduces the stress, boosts the detox of the body, improves the function of the liver, overall health and finally, the skin. Increasing the intake of your Vitamin C on a daily basis by consuming healthy raw and natural foods will do you good, especially because it does not need much to go through the body, and will not make you feel sleepy and tired after consuming it. This is why you should focus on eating a big bowl of salad with raw foods every day! Fill it up with vegetables or fruits or greens, whatever you want! Add some of your favorite herbs and spices, finish it with a bit lemon juice and you have a healthy meal.
  • Make yourself a green smoothie every morning – prepare a delicious green smoothie for you every single morning, and make sure it is filled with nutrients. This is for the people who especially don’t have the time to eat breakfast. To create this kind of beautifying smoothie you can put spinach or kale (one of these is a must), then apples, berries, dark cherries, pineapple, pears, 6-8 almonds or walnuts, raw cacao, cold water, any super food you want, lemon juice and so on. Make the combinations you find tasty and enjoy a super healthy breakfast!
  • Opt for the most nutrient-dense foods – the whole plant based foods contain more nutrients than any other food, so here is a short list of what you should try to consume more in order to improve your skin: spinach, kale, romaine, dark lettuce, all berries, apples, pears, figs, lemons, dates, potatoes, mangoes, all kinds of seeds, almonds, coconut, broccoli, cauliflower, avocados, asparagus, artichokes, ginger, turmeric root, various herbs, wild rice and so on. Fill up your diet with these foods!
  • Stop being on a diet – that is correct, nothing good will come out if you are putting your body through a strict diet or to count calories. It means you have to give your body the best nutrients it needs. Don’t starve it from the calories it needs. Eating more vibrant foods which are filled with nutrients will make your skin glow and improve your skin complexion. The positive side of it is that you do not have to watch for your weight when you eat healthy foods, the food will do that for you.
  • Consume more foods high in H2O – it is important for your skin to eat healthy foods, but it is important what you drink too. Opt for beverages high in water, water with cucumber and lemon, mint tea, plain coffee in moderation. Just make sure you avoid fruit sweetened drinks that have been previously made from the store and you’re all set.
  • Consume herbs and teas which will boost your skin – apart from a heathy diet, there are some teas you can consume if you want to improve your overall looks. Improve the blood sugar levels, clear your skin from acne, fight against wrinkles and fine lines, all with rooibos tea. Add som stevia to sweeten it. If you want, you can drink chamomile tea, lavender tea, peppermint tea, and even parsley.
  • Keep your gut healthy – simply avoid foods which upset your stomach. Choose foods which are natural probiotics and easy to digest. Fruits are an excellent choice here, since they do not bloat the stomach or cause any gasses. Eat them on an empty stomach.
  • Consume foods rich in Vitamin E – it reduces the effects caused by aging by improving the health of the skin. The Vitamin E combats the damage which can be done by the free radicals in the body. It can be found in chia, almonds, avocados, walnuts, pecans and sunflower seeds. Make sure you import some of these foods in your every day dieting plan in order to get the best results.
  • Honey is sweet, but not that goodhoney, maple syrup, coconut nectar, molasses are all healthier options of the sugar, but they will all do your weight some damage. Choose natural sweeteners instead. Dates or figs are the way to go. Put them in a smoothie in order to sweeten it up, and trust us, your body will be thankful to you if you opt for whole natural sweeteners instead of the refined stuff.

Finally, just make sure you avoid beauty products with a lot of chemicals and foods with a lot of chemicals too. Always seek out for the natural version. And remember not to skip your daily exercise. Your skin and body will be thankful to you.