You should drink 8 glasses of water daily is the only myth that will never die. This is not true because there is no science behind it.

Every summer the media reports that dehydration is dangerous.  These reports work up fear. They say that adults and children walk around dehydrated or that dehydration has reached epidemic proportions.

Glasses of Water 

glasses of water

Back in 2007 a myth that people should drink 8 glasses of water daily was published. This report had bigger media attention than other reports.

Many people believe that this myth is from 1945 when Food and Nutrition Board recommended that people should drink 2,5 liters of water every day. But they ignore the last sentence that was “Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods”.

Water can be found in vegetables and fruits, in juice, beer even in coffee and tea. Everyone who thinks that coffee can dehydrate you is wrong.

Best beverage to consume is water, but it isn’t the only source of hydration. Human body is tuned to signal you to drink water long before you dehydrate. So you don’t have to worry if you are not filling thirsty.

There is no scientific proof that drinking extra water will bring you some benefits. There is no evidence that drinking more water will keep your body hydrated or make you look healthier. “High” water consumption means less than eight glasses.

There is no formal recommendation for how much water people need daily. Studies fail to find how the increasing of fluids will bring benefits in kidney function or all-cause mortality.

Studies only wind benefits of increasing liquids for cases like preventing the recurrence of kidney stones. Dehydration can be serious issue when your body lose a significant amount of water because of sweating, illness or an inability to drink.

On the other hand, people with clinical dehydration always have some symptoms.Lots of advertises and media reports try to convince us to drink more water.

Every day more and more people walk around with water bottle in their hands. This increases the sales of bottled water.

A survey from 2009 to 2012 examine 4134 children in the age between 6 and 19. They calculated their mean urine osmolality.

The scientists found out that ½ of the children had 800mOsm/kg or higher of urine osmolality. But they also found that children who take 8 glasses of water every day had 8mOsm/kg less than those who didn’t.

This means that is possible that there are children who need to be hydrated better. “Drink Up” was part of Michelle Obamas campaign.

There is no formal recommendation of how much water daily is needed. 40% of the Americans drink less than half of the recommended amount.