Once open a time someone said: change your values and you will change your life…I believe that a life is like a river and most of people jump in never decisive where they want to be taken.

They just go as the water carries them .Sometimes they fall emotionally, physical, financial….

It is a great possibility that what you are currently burdened in life could have been avoided with better decisions….

We will tell you some of things that you can do to be happier healthier and make your life worthwhile.

Step 1- Easy every day workouts:

Forever Young

  •    Instead of using elevator, use steps.
  •    park your car farther.
  •    use your time while brushing teeth for a quick leg exercise.
  •    use housework and work in the garden for variety of exercising.

Step 2- Less stress but how?

  •    stop storing activities, stress cannot be completely removed but you can control it.
  •    stop the bad thoughts ,negative and scary thoughts can be stop it by starting to think about something      encouraging and positive, for someone who you support trust or a place where you feel good.
  •    set yourself realistic achievable goals.
  •    do not live in the past.
  •    consciously enjoy the present.
  •    learn to relax.
  •    manage your time and laugh more.

Step 3- Water

I think there is no need to explain the need for water and its beneficial impact on our health, without water there is no life. Stay hydrated, drink water more than you usually do.

Step 4

Education will help you in future in life, attending a better school, finding a better job and afford better things. There is as statistic for people who are more educated than the others. The results came higher for those who are more educated and they live longer.

Step 5- Add something different in your menu like grains and nuts, keep the   healthy eating habit: eat food rich in vitamins minerals fiber which will also improve your health and mood.

Step 6-be neat and clean: by washing hands more often, shower every day, keep your home a workplace also clean.

Step 7-go easy on snacks: treat yourself with a snack or cookie from time to time but don’t exaggerate eat healthy small portions.

Step 8– do not ignore the signals that your body sends, any change is important, visit a doctor at least a twice a year.

Step 9– replace butter and salt, instead use some of these ingredients: oregano turmeric, ginger, rosemary and others that can change the flavor of your meals and prevent some health conditions.

Step 10– walk and hike more, researches shown that people who move more than those that sit, live longer.

Step 11– take care of your skin, don’t exposure on sun often if you must use a sun cream to prevent a skin cancer. Also avoid use of solarium.

Step 12– eat more green vegetables and fruits like: spinach, broccoli, kale, green apples etc.


I know that is difficult to combine everything that we suggested. With our fast lifestyle and full time job we do not have time to commit ourselves and our families.

There is no magical cure to be eternally young or to be happy all the time but we can try to do our best.