In a house, where an 80 year old man lived, his highly educated 45 year old son came to visit. They were both sitting on a sofa when a crow appeared on the window.

The father asked his son what was that, and the son answered that it was just a crow. But, a few minutes later, the father asked again, what was that, to which the son replied that he already told him and that it was just a crow.

Father Asked

Father Asked

After a while, the father asked again, the same exact question, but you could already notice the irritation in the eyes of the son. He aswered repeatedly that it was a crow.

Finally, a short while after, the father asked, for the fourth time, what was that, and the son started shouting in agony. How many times does he expect him to answer one simple question, what is wrong with him and how could he not understand by now that it is just a mere crow!

This is when the father stood up and went to his room. He got back with a diary. It was an old one, you could see, and he had maintaied it since he had his little boy.

He opened a particular page and asked his son to read it for him. The son read an interesting paragraph from the diary.

It was written how on that day, he and his little son, who was then three years old, were sitting on a sofa while a crow was sitting on the window. His son had asked him 23 times what it was, and the father said that he replied all the 23 times, each time hugging him lovingly as his child continued asking the same question over and over again.

He did not feel irritated at all and actually felt great affection towards the child.

When the father was asked 23 times the exact same question he was asking today, he had no trouble giving the same reply for that long. And now, today, his son was irritated by having to reply to the same question only four times.

When your parents get to an older age, do not look to them as a burden, but speak to them with kind and lovely words like you always have. Be kind, patient and humble towards them.

Be considerate towards them. Repeat to yourself that you want to see your parents happy from this day on.

They have cared for you since the day you were born. They have always showered you with their unconditional love, at all times.

They have always been ready to cross any mountain, river or valley, without ever seeing the storm, in order to help you become a happier and better person for the society that you live in today.

So, say a little prayer, promising that you will serve your parents in the best way that you can. Say only good and kind words to them, no matter how they behave.