No one wants to be fat. When we have excess fat or skin, the body starts to jiggle around, making us seem and feel uncomfortable. People have tortured themselves by trying to eliminate it, but it has almost never ended in success. Too much of the fat can increase the risk of a type 2 diabetes.

The humans have two types of fat – one is white and the other is brown fat. Noting the difference between these two can help a person lose weight easily. The white fat is the thin layer we can see on the belly, thighs and the back of the arms. This kind of fat keeps the temperature of the body stable.

Fat Cells

Fat Cells

Some studies have shown that the exposure to cold makes this kind of fat disappear. This can lessen your obesity issues. But, when scientists took deposits of the belly and thigh fat in the winter, they noticed that it turned brown, unlike in summer, when it stayed white.

So, after further examination, experts claim that the time we spend indoors, which is too much time, contributes to our bodies to lose the ability of losing weight in order to keep themselves warm.There is a practice known as cold thermogenesis, which can lead to doubling the brown fat in the body increasing the sensitivity of insulin and burning more calories the following day.

There is a moderate intensity, where a person just sits in a chill room, and the hardcore intensity, where the person sits in an ice vest and shorts. This will make the body shiver, thus burning massive amounts of calories.

It is proven that you can increase the burning of the fat by 300% if you add the ice routine into your daily schedule of working out and consuming healthier foods.The theory that the fat cells can actually be frozen and killed has been proven through another form – the excessive exposure to cold from the popsicles can lead to dimpling of the cheeks.

This happened to a small boy, only nine months old, who was born healthy and nothing in his eating or sleeping  routine was changed. The parents noticed some red spots on his face, symmetrical, one on each cheek.

It was later found out that the mother gave her son a popsicle, which lead to this change in the appearance of the baby. The reddish discoloration lasted for about two days before it disappeared. It affects the cheeks and the chin, ultimately leading to a dimple being created.

For this reason, and the other ones listed right above, experts claim that an ice pack, held 30 minutes within a day, can help you get rid of your fat in a faster way. By chilling the skin, the fat cells naturally die, and are drained out of the body.

There are some quite expensive products on the market which guarantee the same effect, with the exact same treatment. Though it can take a couple of weeks to feel the results, it is all going to be worth it. This can be treated multiple times, but the first time is proven to be the most effective.

This is a device that sucks the skin and fat in a cup, then cools it off. This cooling process triggers the inflammation of the fat cells and then to the death of the fat cells. Some of the temporary side effects of this may be the occasional redness and bruising.

But, even though these fat cells are drained from the body, there are other fat cells which can survive within the body too, so it is of utmost importance for the person to maintain a healthy dietary plan.

A common concern here may be the frostbite, but do not worry, that is not bound to happen in this particular case because the temperature is closely monitored. This is why it takes several weeks for the full effects to be seen. But, instead of using an expensive treatment, the same thing can be done from the comfort of your own home.

When you’re at home, simply apply some ice packs on the affected areas. By doing this, the levels of fat on those areas on the body will be significantly lower than the remaining parts of your body. So, simply strap on some ice packs on your belly, arms or thighs for about 30 minute,s four times within a week, and the results will be incredible.

But, of course, you have to be careful with this method, using the ice packs in the wrong way may cause skin burns from different degrees. The most common ways with which this can be done is when you apply an ice pack directly on your skin and leave it like that for a longer period of time.

Remember always to use a thin layer of clothing between you and the ice pack. Or, if it works for you, use several layers and remove them one by one as the skin gets more and more used to the cold. Just don’t leave a thick layer of your clothes between, for you will not get the benefits of the ice pack treatment you want.

Some people are more prone to these injuries than others, and they are: smokers, people who suffer from diabetes, people who use beta blockers, people with peripheral vascular disease, and people with peripheral neuropathy (those who feel injuries less than others).

Some of the symptoms of a damaged skin is the sensation of pins and needles in the area, pain or redness, firm or waxy skin, and skin blisters. You will also notice that you area is infected or burned by the ice pack when you feel one of these symptoms.

Even the color of the skin might change, it might turn yellow or gray. In order to prevent this from becoming a severe situation, you must immediately re-warm the affected area of the skin. Immediately, don’t wait for another moment to pass.

Remember that the warming should come gradually, in order not to burn the skin even more by applying an extremely hot object on it. Remember, gradually warming it up, to prevent more damage to the skin from being done.

What you should definitely do here is soak the burned skin in warm water. Again, keep in mind that you should absolutely never use hot water in these cases. You may cover the area with a warm blanket and use warm compresses to wrap the area with.

In cases like this one, what you should definitely avoid is moving the damaged area, or massaging it. This will cause you much more pain and damage that you have previously caused. Also, avoid using direct dry heat in order to warm up this area.

Hair dryer or a radiator can make these areas even more numb or make them burn easily now, and in the future.Take care of yourself and your body, and eve though you want to lose some weight, do not go to extremes if you are not well prepared for it.

Better yet, consult with your doctor or an expert if you want to make the most out of your body and get the best results for yourself. If by any chance you do not feel ready after reading this article too, please make sure you consult a specialist on this particular subject for more instructions.