A couple of years ago, four to be exact, one man was diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure, so in order to treat his condition, he had to take numerous oils on a daily basis.

In addition to this, he decided to try and cure himself on an all natural base, so what he did is he started consuming all raw fruits and vegetables in order to get his health back! Thankfully, he succeeded in restoring his health!

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery

He accidentally discovered his disease. At the very beginning he simply started feeling thirsty and when he went to see his doctor and ask what it’s all about, his body was already in complete state of shock.

His doctor informed him that his sugar level had reached 29, and his pancreas was no longer working, at all. Of course, this meant that he had to take insulin in order to remain alive.

The man had no other choice. He started taking the recommended therapy in order to fight his illness. He started taking the insulin on a regular basis and became more physically active by doing some sports.

But, however, his situation in time just got worse instead of better. He started suffering from other diseases as well. So, as he started taking other medications, things got worse, his blood pressure was 150/100, the level of his triglycerides got to 16 and so on.

Eventually, he got sick from all of that, so on New Years Eve he decided to turn a new page in his life. What triggered his mind was a show which he saw on TV about a man who had only been consuming raw fruits and vegetables for the past 12 years of his life. By the time the show got to an end, the man was already making plans, went to buy a blender and decided to completely change his life!

Even though during the first week he was coping with some cravings, they soon disappeared and his blood sugar levels quickly dropped to 5. This was an amazing experience for him, especially because he tried so many different approaches in order to make his life better and his body healthier.

As a result to all of this, he stopped taking the insulin, believing that his new way of eating will not get his blood sugar levels back up again. If that happened, then he would to the insulin treatment immediately. Yet, nothing did change. His insulin levels never got back up again and he even started losing weight!

Within the first 25 days he managed to lose 11 kilograms, and this did not stop! After a short period of only four months, he was a new man. He had lost 20 kilograms, he did not take any insulin anymore, his triglyceride levels were at 1.4 and his blood pressure was 120/70. He no longer needed any pills or prescriptions, he felt healthy, satisfied and happy.

That is why today we are going to share with you the recipe of his favorite juice. All you need are 2 apples, 5 bananas, 2 kiwis, and a handful of kale. Take all the ingredients and put them in a bowl, and then just pour half a liter of water all over them. Drink half of this delicious and amazing juice in the morning, and the other half throughout the rest of that day.