In case you’re just like me, you most likely love heading to the grocery store. There’s simply something so calming about shopping for groceries.

But, not to destroy your illusion, after hearing this, you might need to be more careful whenever you go to the grocery store.It is all about eggs and you should be very careful.

Egg Expiration Dates

Egg Expiration Dates

You can do lot of thinks with eggs, such as fry them, boil them, scramble them, or poach them. They’re a staple in a healthy breakfast.

Did you know, in any case, what the normal age of an egg from a grocery store is?

Fresh eggs are very important. Similarly as with any food, the fresher the better. Better for taste and even better for nutrition.

Nobody needs eggs that have been semi – frozen and in cold storages for a long time before you even get them home just to expand time span of usability. Certainly not a decent choice especially if you are soft boiling up the egg in order to feed your children.

I’m not going to mislead anybody, when I discovered I was really shocked. You’re letting me know that fresh eggs I’ve been buying for as far back as several few years aren’t generally as fresh as they appear? All I know is that whenever I buy eggs from the grocery store, will attempt these basic tests to ensure they’re fresh and new.

Namely, the first thing you have to do when you are going to by eggs is to check the date on the label of the box. All brands claim that they sell fresh farmed eggs, but in many cases that is not true.

The number on the box is showing the day those eggs are packed. For example, the number 335 means that those eggs are packed on the 335-th day of the year.So if you subtract this number from the present day, you can find out for how long those eggs sit in the shelves.

The printed “best by’’ and the date beside it, means that on that date the market has to take them of the shelves.

The video below explains how to buy fresh farmed eggs.