Sadly, the influence the toxins have on the human body is impossible to avoid nowadays. This is all because we are living in a world full of toxins, and we let them affect our lives, health, and be the cause of numerous health conditions.

The toxins can be found in the food we consume, in our cosmetic products we love using so much, from the cleaners we buy to maintain the cleanliness of a household to the electronics we can’t imagine our lives without.



Well, the thing is, the toxic free radicals that from within the body are also due to a lot of stress, negative emotions, anxiety and hormonal disbalance, as well as any other emotional disturbance.

Because of all this, our bodies have developed quite a defense system in order to fight off all the accumulated toxins in the body. This is done through the process of urination, sweating, crying and defecation.

All health experts believe that the body needs to be cleansed from time to time in order to boost the process of fighting off the diseases and maintaining the overall health. This kind of a detox treatment needs to be followed by a balanced and healthy diet, which will provide the body with the necessary nutrients.

There are some warning signs which your body sends to you in order to let you know that it is detox time. You have to know how to see these signs in order not to make your body suffer from too much toxins in it. You will notice, after you have removed all the toxins, your body will feel refreshed. Also, this process of detoxification will help you lose some weight too.

So, when your body is ready for the detox it will give you several symptoms. If you start experiencing any of them, make sure you start the cleansing procedure right away. Here they are:

  • Headache – if you happen to have headaches on a daily basis, then you definitely must cleanse your body. It means that it is filled with toxins.
  • Yellow or white tongue – when your body is in a good shape, the color of your tongue should be bright pink or pale red. But, if your tongue happens to be yellowish or white then your body is definitely filled with toxins. Another symptom is a constant bad breath, so if you notice that too, cleanse your body as soon as possible.
  • Skin issues – if your skin becomes dry very often, and you experience rashes and acne, it is all from the excess amount of toxins, they are the ones creating the skin outbursts.
  • Congested sinuses – this symptoms is the most common one, and it is all because of the toxins we inhale through the air.
  • Overheating – when your body is filled with toxins, the function of the heart tends to increase, leading to an experience called the overheating. This raises the temperature of the body. So, this is why the sweating is natural – it releases all of the accumulated toxins from the body through the pores on the skin.
  • Belly fat – finally, the accumulated toxins may also be a result of a lot of anger, stress, anxiety, negative emotions, and every day problems. These are the toxins which are guilty for accumulating the fat in the abdominal area.
  • Insomnia – the toxins in the body reduce the melatonin in the body, which is the one thing getting us to go to sleep. So, if you haven’t been sleeping right, it means that it is time for detox. Remove the toxins from your body and enjoy a good night of sleep.

In order to detoxify your body, you can go to a sauna, exercise regularly, consume a lot of juices and smoothies (all natural) on a regular basis, try lymphatic massage, dry skin brushing and so on.