The professor Hristo Mermerski, a Russian researcher, made an extraordinary natural cure which, according to him, can forestall and destroy cancer and malignancy. This cure is stacked with all the fundamental supplements, for example, vitamins, minerals, proteins, starches, vegetable fats and bioactive substances.

Destroy Cancer

Destroy Cancer

It’s nourishment that treats the whole body, and the cancer in such a living being just leaves

claims professor Mermerski in one of his addresses.

Aside from cancer, this mixture is additionally extremely supportive for spider veins, enhances heart wellbeing, fortifies the immune system, and disposes of toxins from kidneys and liver.

Besides, it can support your mind capacity and memory and it can keep the improvement of coronary diseases, protects from heart attacks and aides in treatment of the individuals who have encountered a heart attack or stroke. Many individuals guarantee that this mixture has helped them in the battle against different sorts of cancer.

Components of the mixture:

  • 1 kg organic honey
  • 12 heads of raw garlic
  • 15 fresh natural BIO lemons
  • 400 g of grew grains (young green wheat)
  • 400 g fresh walnuts

Instructions to make sprouted grains:

Put the 400 g wheat in a glass compartment and cover with a couple crawls of water. Let it remain standing overnight. Deplete the grains in a strainer or colander after a time of 10 – 12 hours. Wash and drain together. After, leave drained wheat to remain for 24 hours in a bowl. After this, you will have the wheat sprouts, with a length of 1-2 millimeters.

The method to prepare the cure:

In the first place, crush the grew grains, nuts and peeled heads of garlic. Next, crush 5 lemons and combine all together. Squeeze the other 10 lemons and mix the juice with whatever remains of the blend. Stir until you get a homogenous mixture.

Next, include the honey and blend with a wooden spoon, then pour the mixture into a glass holder. Put the mixture in the refrigerator and let it remain for 3 days. A short time later, you can begin consuming it.

Consuming the cure:

Consume the mixture 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, supper and before sleep time. For tumor/cancer treatment, take one to two tablespoons at regular intervals, around every 2 hours. As indicated by Professor Mermerski, this natural cure formula will furnish you with great wellbeing and long life. Likewise, it has been proved that it can cure disease, keep up your body crucial, and support your vitality.

“This cure contains all the fundamental vitamins, mineral salts, bioactive substances, proteins, starches and vegetable fats. Along these lines, it enhances performances of every inner organ and glands, which keep the body sound and prompts to curing malignancy totally”, clarifies Mermerski.