If we cut sugar for only 10 days we will see dramatically improvements in our kids’ health. Dr. Robert Lustig made a study in which were involved 43 children.

The results are remarkable. The levels of triglyceride were lower by 33 points, bad cholesterol dropped 5 points and also the diastolic blood pressure.

Cutting Sugar

Cutting Sugar

In just 10 days without sugar these kids show a reduced risk of diabetes, their insulin level and blood sugar level were normalized.

So if the study shows benefits in children there is no reason to believe that this will not work for adults.

We all know that some calories can be worse than others. For some people sugar can be on the top of their list. The regular table sugar is made by equal parts of fructose and glucose.

The fructose is the bad actor, according to Lustig. Human body uses glucose as energy source, it is metabolized easily and the extra glucose is stored in the liver or muscles as glycogen.

Fructose is metabolized only in the liver. Because the liver can’t handle too much fructose the extra fructose is converted into fat.

Accumulated fat in the liver can be very unhealthy. This can develop the fat to spill out in our blood stream and cause strokes or heart disease.

The only sources of fructose in ancient times were when fruit fell from the trees, even bees protected the honey. Today we consume 1/3 of a pound daily or 130 pound a year of fructose.

Our livers, haven’t evolved to keep pace with the increase. This means that sugar drink hits our liver like a tsunami wave. Another think about fructose is that it doesn’t bring you a feeling that you are full if you eat lots of it.

Here are the results if you keep eating too much fructose: fructose can target the nucleus accumbens known as the reward center. This will give the nucleus accumbens nudge, so we feel good, euphoric and wanting to eat even more.

In the study motioned above the participants reduced their sugar from 10% to 28% in their diet, but it was replaced with other carbohydrates.

Hide the Halloween candy from your kid’s and you and your bodies will thank you in 10 days.