The nose is the first line of defense of the respiratory system. When you have a cold, nasal mucosa dry, this defense is weakened.

This significantly increases the risk of infection, because healthy nose can pass blocked for only 2-3 days, resulting in shortness of breath, loss of sense of smell and restless sleep. Viruses, bacteria or allergens can cause inflammation of the nasal mucosa and swelling.

Stuffy Nose

This results in the following symptoms:

– Itchy nose

– Sneezing

– Discharge

– Stuffy nose

Colds, allergic and infectious rhinitis also lead to inflammation of the nasal mucosa with symptoms of nasal congestion, mucus secretion or fungal, drying, redness and the formation of scabs on the membrane.

Stuff nose is very common in this period, which is usually caused by inflammation, cold and dry air. Low temperatures each season brings us colds and stuffy nose, but thanks to two good tricks, you can breathe this winter’s smell.

If you currently have a clogged nose and none of the medicinal drops doesn’t help you, try this and it won’t cost you. Some people are using natural medicine like apple cider vinegar, salt water, ginger, garlic, essential oil of peppermint.

Here we are presenting you the only way to resolve the stuffy nose without drops and other medications in completely natural way.The first trick refers to the anatomy of the nasal cavities.

The first option is to press the tongue to the hard palate in the mouth and at the same time with the index finger and middle finger to press the point between the eyes.

Second option is to bend your head. Stop breathing for a few seconds. This will send a signal to the brain that breathing is disabled and he will make sure your channels are cleansed.

This are some of the many natural ways to deal with stuffy nose. Watch the video below to see how to perform this tricks.