Cinnamon is one of those spices that needs to be present in your every day life. It is an excellent addition in your day to day dieting plan.

Studies so far have shown that the cinnamon shows positive effects on many diseases, including the gastritis, diabetes, and the increased levels of cholesterol in the body.



Here are Some of the Issues the Cinnamon is Good Dealing With

  • Fungal infections – the cinnamon contains compounds which can easily deal with a fungal infection. This is confirmed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK.
  • Diabetes – the cinnamon will improve the level of lipids and glucose with patients who are suffering from type two diabetes.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – the cinnamon can help in the prevention of this disease too. There is an extract which is present in the cinnamon that helps avoid this particular disease.
  • HIV – an Indian study did show the effectiveness of the cinnamon in some types of the HIV.
  • Multiple sclerosis – the cinnamon also prevents the destructiveness caused by the multiple sclerosis.
  • Kidney protection – the essential oil with cinnamon has protective properties over the kidneys. This kind of oil can protect the kidneys from the damage caused by the alloxan.
  • Reduce negative effects of the meals with a lot of calories – yes, the cinnamon can do that for you too. If you’ve had a meal high in calories, the cinnamon will help your body digest it in a faster manner and make it easier on your body to do so.

When you have a homemade cinnamon oil, you can use it both ways, internally and externally. It is filled with antiseptic, analgetic, antibiotic and aphrodisiac properties.

It can be easily prepared too. All you will need in order to prepare this drink is about 6 cinnamon sticks, a glass jar and some olive oil. Put the ingredients inside the jar and close the jar. Leave it in a room temperature for about three weeks.

Shake the jar from time to time, and after the three weeks have passed, strain the liquid through a piece of gauze and transfer it into a dark bottle. You can add this oil to your favorite desserts or simply consume a teaspoon of it every morning. It is best recommended to be used within a period of one month.