As the medical science advances, there are more and more ways that pop up every day on how to improve your lifestyle and live longer.

Some scientists believe that we can altogether eliminate the aging  process. This is almost impossible to believe in, but it is true.

Live Longer

Live Longer

The trick is in keeping yourself active and healthy. There are some tips and tricks how to maintain your optimal level of health, and in addition we will share them with you.

With their help you can add more years to your life and be around in the more distant future.

Lead an Active Life 

If you stay active and work out, chances are your body will maintain itself for a longer period of time.

The plus side to this is the endorphines which are released during the process of exercising, keeping your mood elevated and cut back on your stress.

Remove the Stress From Your Life 

We all know that this is not the easiest thing to do, but there are ways to achieve a stress free mind. Just identify, and then eliminate all of the things in your life that cause you to stress over them.

This way you immediately decrease the chances of heart diseases, strokes and any other illnesses.

Drink Water Regularly 

Hydration is extremely important! It can improve your mood, strengthen your heart, regulate your weight, keep your kidneys healthy and much more.

Drink water and stay hydrated at all times, because exhausting and dehydrating yourself does the same damage to the body as smoking does.

Educate Yourself 

Stay in school! A research has showed that people who have obtained their bachelor degree have lived more than average.

People who finished university have overall lived nine years longer than those with only a high school diploma.

Consume Whole Grains 

Ditch the white bread and switch to whole grain! They digest slowly, are high in fiber and keep your blood sugar levels steady.

They can also decrease the risk of a heart attack, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. The whole grain bread will prevent you from overeating too.

Keep Yourself Clean 

This one is obvious. Never ignore the small habits that keep you clean. Not just washing your hands before a meal or showering every day.Take time to wash your hands several times a day.

Follow these simple instructions: take good care of your oral cavity, wash your face daily, keep your home and your bedroom clean and use antiperspirant. Remain clean, remain healthy.

Don’t Overeat 

Exercise self control and do not eat everything that comes before your eyes. We know that it is hard, but by overeating you pay more attention to your body.

So get up from the sofa and stop eating that big bag of chips. Listen to your body when it says it’s full, and leave the rest for the next meal.

Preserve Your Health 

Go to your regular check ups, do not miss an appointment at your doctor’s.

This way you can catch a chronic condition or anything else that might be wrong with you and preserve your health in order to live longer.

Add herbs and Spices to Your Meals

Making your food taste a little better can lengthen your life!

There are some herbs and spices that can protect you from chronic diseases, and those herbs are: parsley, basil, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, garlic, chilli peppers, thyme, then rosemary, cloves and ginger.

Stop using salt and butter, and include these herbs instead.

Stop Sitting Around, Stand Up! 

While sitting down more than standing up, you are taking away years from your life. The more time you spend sitting around, the bigger chances that you actually die young.

Limit your time for entertainment, and go for a walk or do some exercises while working.

Protect Your Skin 

Use sunscreen in order to protect yourself from the most common of all cancers, the skin cancer. Use SPF 15 or more, never less. By protecting your skin you will look younger too.

Eat Greens 

The leafy greens can protect your body from certain types of cancer and are considered to be nutrient powerhouses.

Try consuming more kale, spinach, broccoli, romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, collard and mustard greens, chicory and swiss chard. Bottom line is, grown ups, eat your veggies.

These tips will definitely not make you live forever, but will sure make you live much longer than you would if you ignored them.

Just stay away from toxic substances, quit smoking if you are a smoker, and give yourself into all healthy habits and lifestyle.