You, as well as we, are probably aware of the fact that the best diets that we’ve ever met have come from the best health experts and nutritionists! This is all because they have just done such an amazing job for so many people – they have all created some excellent dieting plans which can help you lose weight a lot faster than you might think!

This is why today we are going to present to you a ieting plan that can help you lose 10 kg within just one week! This is a diet that has been recommended by the best cardiologists there are.

Cardologists Highly Recommend This Diet

Cardologists Highly Recommend This Diet

A cardiologist is a doctor that has the medical knowledge and experience and is trained in discovering, as well as treating diseases connected to the heart and the blood vessels.

A lot of people, mostly women, have tried this diet and are absolutely amazed by the results! You are probably aware by now that the obesity is one problem that is of high importance nowadays, especially in the USA.

The excessive weight is linked to the increased risk for a lot of other diseases such as diabetes, several types of cancer and some cardiovascular diseases.

There is not a magic way to lose weight in an instant, and that is why a lot of obese people struggle with their weight issues. Losing some weight is close to impossible if you do not know how to cut back on calories, and the restriction of them should not be that difficult but there is the possibility of you feeling hungry all the time and be unable to obtain the sufficient amount of the important nutrients.

So, this is why, just before starting this dieting plan, you need to be aware that you have to  consume the same breakfast for a period of two weeks. You should eat one one piece of fruit during your breakfast out of: pear, orange, peach, watermelon, melon.

Keep in mind that you should not eat bananas or grapes for breakfast, ever.

Here is the dieting plan –

  1. Day onefor lunch – an orange, a boiled egg, a cup of yogurt

for dinner – two tomatoes, two hard boiled eggs, two pieces of rusk and half a cucumber or a piece of lettuce

  1. Day two for lunch – an orange, a boiled egg and 200 ml of yogurt

for dinner – a tomato, a rusk, an orange, 125 gr of boiled beef and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar

  1. Day threefor lunch – an orange, a boiled egg, yogurt and some cucumber or lettuce

for dinner – an orange, rusk, 125 ml boiled beef and a cup of coffee or tea without sugar

  1. Day fourfor lunch – tomato, one rusk, 125 gr of cow’s cheese

for dinner – two tomatoes, an apple, a rusk, 125 gr of boiled beef

  1. Day fivefor lunch – a tomato, a rusk, 200 gr of fish or meat

for dinner – half a kilo of boiled carrots, peas or potatoes

Make sure you always cook the vegetables and the meat without any salt or just add a pinch of it. On the 6th and 7th day take a break and continue the dieting plan on the 8th day. While you are on this diet do not drink any alcohol. You should lose about 5 kg during the first five days.

Repeat this dieting plan as a cycle three times, meaning five days, then two days break, then five days, then two days break, and again five days and two days break. This is how you can safely avoid all the negative effects and successfully lose 10 kg. If you are really persistent with this diet, you weight will not come back.

After you are done with the dieting plan, follow this list only on Mondays – breakfast – a cup of sugar free lemon juice; lunch – a rusk and an apple; dinner – a rusk, a tomato and a hard boiled egg.

You are allowed to eat these foods whether they are hot or cold. It does not make any difference. The most important thing you have to remember, finally, is to eat the meals in the appropriate order, not ever skipping on a meal!