As it turns out, the fact that the cannabis can successfully destroy cancer cells is no longer a conspiracy theory within the United States. This is why, from now on we can regard it as a preventative herb against the cancer.

The question here is, would anyone object to the usage of the medical marijuana for the sole purpose of saving a life?

Cannabis Treating Cancer

Cannabis Treating Cancer

According to the official advice cancer website, the United States of America, or better yet, its government has added a page on the use of the cannabinoids and cannabis itself.

The National Cancer Institute, which is a part of the United States Department of Health, is now advising people that the cannabis can be used in treating the side effects of the cancer treatments and the cancer itself, simply by eating it in baked products, smoking it, drinking a form of a herbal tea or even slipping it under the tongue.

The same site continues on listing various medicinal uses of the cannabis, such as using it as a stress relief, pain relief, for its anti inflammatory or antiviral properties.

It also contains anti tumor and anti anxiety properties, it can reduce muscle spasms that are a consequence of multiple sclerosis, and so on.

The site even explains how lab results have shown that the cannabis indeed kills the cancer cells.

The several scientific studies have suggested that in the past, and this year in the month of April, the government of the United States and the National Institute on Drug Abuse have revised their publications in order to suggest that the cannabis could shrik the tumor in the brain because it can fight off the cancer cells.

Therefore, if this is indicated to be a sign that the government of the USA would finally like to admit the cannabis contains some cancer fighting properties, would the western nation as well share their attitude?

The cannabis has proven to be a beneficial herb which definitely does not cause any side effects and can be extremely effective in treating various severe health conditions, among which is the cancer.

This is why we should support this struggle in the sole attempt to help the people who are fighting with cancer and are in desperate need of this kind of treatments.