Cancer is one of the biggest topics in the world of today, especially with the fact that more than 1.5 million people, along with theier families are victims of this disease with each passing year, and these are only the numbers from the United States. To make things even worse, despite their attempts to find the proper reason, the government as well as the health experts are still in doubt about what is the major factor of the cancer in the body.

The truth about the cancer cells is that they are present in every body. They are simply not activated. But, when they are, they cause abnormal growth of the cells which leads to cancer.



While the cancer cells spread, they rob the entire immune system and the body from all the necessary nutrients. Because of this, we need to focus not only on diminishing the cancer overall, but to stop the growth of the cancer cells as well.

Unfortunately, there is no any magic dieting plan which will help you lower the risk of cancer, but, there are some healthy habits which you could introduce your body to, starting today. Having this in mind, in addition we present to you ways with which you can prevent cancer from taking over your body. Even people who are in remission are using these ways, for they bring them better results.

  • Do not smoke, or if you do, quit smoking immediately – tobacco is one of the most common causes of the cancer. It has been connected to pancreas, mouth, lung, breast, cervix, kidney and larynx cancer. It does not make much difference if you smoke or chew the tobacco, because it does the exact same amount of damage to your body.

The same goes for you if you are not a smoker yourself, but are currently living with one. Inhaling the same air             with a person who smokes a cigarette in the same time can do you some lung issues over time. Protect yourself,           and if you can’t seem to be strong enough to do it on your own, seek a professional who will help you through               the process.

  • Move your body daily, do not be a lazy person! – you can decrease the risk of cancer and many other diseases by getting up from your couch and exercising. You can avoid type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, risk of cancer and a shorter life span. Dedicate only thirty minutes of your day for a good workout.

Walking, running, yoga, even jump rope, whatever you choose to do will do wonders to your body. Exercising               on a daily basis will reduce your risk of colon, breast, kidney, lung and prostate cancer. When your body is not             active, the blood pressure and blood sugar levels are increased, and the blood flow to your vital organs, such as             the heart and the brain, is reduced.

  • Focus on consuming more plants instead of meat – if you want to lead a healthier life, choosing to eat less meat or exclude it from your dieting plan completely, this is the time to do it. All meats, except fish, have been linked to obesity, high blood pressure levels and heart diseases.

You will improve your intake of healthy fats by decreasing your intake of cholesterol from animal based fats. If             you consume more plant based protein the pH of your blood will be regulated, the risk of inflammation will be             reduced as well as the growth and spread of the cancer cells.

You can basically eat anything as long as you avoid meat. Of course here you must know that processed foods,             foods filled with sugar and GMO are also not an option. But, if you can’t make the full switch to vegan, then at             least make sure you eat a bit healthier meat.

Be cautious about what you buy and where you buy it from. This kind of dieting plan will help you lose weight               as well as prevent any disease. And once you’ve tried this lifestyle, and see it is the better option, you will fully               switch to organic foods.

  • Kick out your booze habit too – this is not a healthy habit, and even the occasional drink will increase your risk of cancer or any onther disease. The alcohol intake has been linked to more than 10 different types of cancer, either one worse than the other.

We are sorry to say that wine counts in this category too. Even though the occasional drink or two, excess                       consumption will outweight the effects.

If you have a hard time getting off alcohol, try kombucha. It is a fermented product, similar to beer, but with                 plenty of health benefits. You can find it in all the health stores or bigger supermarkets.

  • Instead of sugar, try natural sweeteners – the consumption of sugar is very high on a global level and it increases by each passing year, and yet it does not bring any nutrients or health benefits to the table whatsoever. It increases the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease as well as cancer.

The sugar is not a healthy food and you should eliminate it from your dietary plan altogether. Instead, learn to             enjoy the sweetness of nature. Choose fruits as your main source of sugar, bananas, figs, grapes as well as                       raisins, apples, pears and all unprocessed foods.

But, you have to be careful here too. Products such as maple syrup, coconut sugar and honey can increase your             blood sugar levels to some point and contribute to excess calories if not consumed moderately.

Eliminate the artificial sweeteners too. Plenty of them have been linked to blood sugar issues and cancer.                       Choose healthy substitutes for it such as pure and unadulterated stevia.

Bottom line is, with a dieting plan full of fruits, veggies, oatmeal, healthy fats, legumes and antioxidant-rich foods, you will decrease your risk of any disease, cancer included. Increase your intake of green tea and fill yourself up with fiber too. Protect yourself from any diseases overall simply by changing your lifestyle a bit. Try it today!