When the human body is being formed, it has to undergo a stage named angiogenesis during which the blood vessels are created. However, this is an activity that does not stop, even after we are born.

It is also present in the later in our lives, when we suffer from injuries that cut their way through the skin, arteries or veins, and the rebuilt of the blood canals starts.Very often to  this, this is a process that can be related to the spread of cancer, and it is orchestrated by by the little things called inhibitors and activators.

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Cancer Dies if You Eat These

Almost all of the researchers that are related to cancer mainly focus on the inhibitors, but it is actually the activators that boost and promote the vascular growth of the cells, in order or the new blood vessels to be created.This is why we have created a list from five groceries that are anti angiogenesis, which is the main reason for them to help you stop the growth of cancer, because they mainly affect the feeding of the cancer.

  • http://finance.thepeer150.com/about/?s= Try blueberries and raspberries – these plants are well known for their anti cancer abilities, especially when it comes to the ovarian cancer. The phytochemicals in it are the main reason why they have their dark hue and contain the secret of their effectiveness which have ultimately proven to be great for prevention of cancer. In addition to this, the blueberries and the raspberries are known to have a decreasing effect on the oxidative stress and the angiogenesis.
  • see url Green tea and coffee – other than the fact they are both drinks which are consumed on a daily basis, they can decrease your chance of cancer development.
  • The almighty tomato – according to a research done at the University of Harvard, there is a reduction of about 50% in the chances of prostate cancer in people who regularly consumed cooked tomatoes. It has been proven that the tomatoes are extremely effective with inhibiting the angiogenesis, and the reason why they have proven to be so effective is because they contain very high amounts of a compound called lycopene, which contains strong anti angiogenic properties. The experts explain that the lycopene can be easily distributed through the digestion system of the body because of the fact that it breaks down the fat within the body. To make this more interesting, the concentration of lycopene increases when it is subjected to extremely high temperatures. That is why, when trying to stop the growth of cancer, the cooked tomatoes are a very effective to do that.
  • Dark chocolate – many people have a hard time believing this. The dark chocolate is known to be an extremely delicious desert, that also happens to be very healthy for consumption, because it is not only good for your heart condition and your overall happiness, but it can also help you fight cancer cells.
  • And then we have the turmeric – this is a plant that can offer you with a various set of health benefits, among which is the effectiveness in the reduction of the fat, and is used as a preventive measurement against cancer.