Lot of people feel very embarrassed to talk to this theme. We must understand that breaking wind is a normal life function. When you see it better you will understand that it is also very good for your health, and isn’t something to be ashamed off.

When you have gases in the stomach and you release them, is a sign that the microbes in your intestines work persistently and successfully maintain their health.

Breaking Wind

Breaking Wind

Eating foods that cause gas is the only way to feed the microbes living in your intestines. If you do not feed them with carbohydrates, they will be much more difficult to live there, “explains gastroenterologist Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Purna Kasyapa.

When we consume food (and create gas), these microbes create molecules that enhance our immune system, protect the intestine and prevent infections.

Most of the gas produced has no smell, and they are composed of carbon dioxide, hydrogen or methane. The problem is that among them will be too little sulfur, and he often comes from vegetables that are healthy for us, such as broccoli, cabbage or cauliflower.

According to doctors, discharge gas and up to 18 times a day can be completely normal.

  1. The first warning

Gases can tell you a lot for your health. Even they are uncomfortable, they can be the first sign for a lot health problems.

Strong smell, gases’ frequency, usually pain can be sign of serious illness.

  1. Reduces swelling

If you have the habit of eating fast or talk during the meal, then you swallow more air. That air mixed with the food comes up and does cause stomach bloating.

What more air is entered in yourself, the more your stomach will inflate. If you let it out your stomach will be better.

  1. The smell is a good thing

Smell is a good sign. Hydrogen sulfide makes your fart to smell bad. But he also can protect you from heart attack.

  1. You can determine your nutritional needs

According your fart, you will know if you are eating too much or to little of some food. If you eat too much red meat your gases will small bad.

If you release gases hardly, that will mean that your diet is lacking fiber.

  1. They are sign of good bacteria

People who eat healthy food like vegetables and fruits ingest large amounts of fiber, which is stimulating the digestion. This is moving digestive track much more and make more work for the good bacteria which lead to produce more gases.

  1. They are healthy for our bowels

It’s not good solution to hold gases in. That can cause pain and your intestinal activity will be harmed.

  1. It just feels good

To be honest letting out gases can be very good feeling. Maybe you will be ashamed but the feeling to let it out is much better from keeping them in.