Is your doctor good for giving you a nutrition advice? Neither is mine.Only ¼ of doctors say that they can give you a nutrition advice because they had sufficient training to provide them.

Most of the medical schools don’t teach their students about food. But school like Tulane University School of Medicine is starting to think differently and they are changing their method of teaching. The doctors at Tulane are learning about nutrition and hot to cook.

Better Advice From your Doctors

Better Advice From your Doctors

Dr. Timothy is executive director at Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane and he says that this program is helping students to understand the nutrition.

The focus of the program is also these doctors to be able to teach their patients how and what to cook.Nutrition and diet is always commented by physicians but not in a way to change the seeing on their patients.

In Tulane students are learning to make meals from low-cost ingredients and this school is providing cooking classes for the doctors and the public.

In 2010, 64% of adults were classified as overweight, so doctors must have this skills. High blood pressure,          heart disease and diabetes can be the result of the over weighting.

Another person that took part in those community cooking classes is Cheryl Spann. She learned how to cut down sugar and how good are carbs.

She also says that her overall health is better and that she will no longer take diabetes medicine and hypertensive medicine.Tulane medical School is the first school who take licensed chef as an instructor.

If you thing that this time of the year isn’t for talking about healthy food you can see Dr. Timothy holiday menu. When your guests will lick their fingers tell them that the feast is recommended by doctor.