If you want to provide yourself with a really good skin complexion, then what you need to do is clean your face regularly, every day. You must have an every day routine so your face would have a healthy and clean complexion.

The masks and those facial cleansers have the small beads that help eliminate the dead skin layers, and with the help of the moisturizing creams your skin is hydrated.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda

Unfortunately sometimes these products are either too expensive, or fail to deliver the results you have been wanting.

They may even contain some chemicals that are bad for your health. This is why you sometimes need to turn to more natural, home made recipes.

The recipe we are going to share with you today is made out of only two ingredients – baking soda and coconut oil.

You probably have both of them in your kitchen, and they are really helpful when it comes to a problematic type of skin.

The mixture is completely safe, chemical free and can even be consumed orally. This incredible mixture provides a solution for acne, redness, scars, dry skin, exfoliating dead cells, and eliminating excess oil and dirt from the skin.

First, Let’s Talk About the Ingredients

  • The baking soda has numerous usages in the household as well as in the beauty and health department. It can be used as a deodorant, you can whiten your teeth with it, and of course, it serves as a remedy for acne. It can regulate the pH of the skin, and will fight against all the skin breakouts.
  • On the other hand, the coconut oil possesses strong moisturizing, healing and most of all, antibacterial properties that will nourish the skin without causing any skin issues whatsoever. The coconut oil can regulate the otherwise harsh effects the baking soda may have, making it to be a perfect combination for sensitive skin. Just remember that the virgin coconut oil will get you the best results.

Now, all you need to do is take some baking soda and some coconut oil and mix them up together!

If you happen to have a sensitive skin, use them in a ratio 1:2, and if you just want to make an exfoliator, use the ratio 1:1. just combine them and apply the mixture on your skin, using circular movements.

You can either massage your skin and rinse it off immediately with warm water, or leave it on for a couple of minutes to act as a mask. Do not hesitate to try it today, you will feel the effects of the natural remedies and you are going to love them!