The vinegar has probably been discovered about 7000 years ago, when some grapes that have been left unattended were turned into vinegar. Even though it has been originally used as a preservative, its medicinal properties were soon to be found out.

Hippocrates managed his wounds with it, and medical practitioners before our time used it to heal anything, from stomach aches to poison ivy. It was believed that vinegar can even treat cancer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar


In French, vinegar means sour wine, and it can be made from literally any fermented fruit that contains carbs, including coconut, potatoes, dates, grapes, apples and beets. But, the vinegar is traditionally made out of a slow fermentation process, containing several different types of acid which are accounted for all the properties the vinegar has.

The Medscape General Medicine stated that the process of creating traditional wine vinegar is a  fermentation process that can last for a period from several weeks to several months. If you leave the vinegar to ferment for a longer period of time, a non toxic slime is created, which is called the mother of the vinegar.

This part is the unprocessed and unfiltered part of the vinegar. It indicates that the vinegar is of a best quality. Most of the manufacturers add compounds in their vinegar in order to prevent the mother from forming, but this happens to be the best part of the vinegar actually, especially if you are planning on consuming it.

The vinegar can be used for more things, not just for cooking, you can used for the health of your garden, hygiene, cleaning, it has some health purposes, and in fact, the vinegar is found to be one of the most economical and versatile products on the planet. We recommend having one in your home at all times.

There is not an official way of taking the vinegar. Some people tend to take a couple of teaspoons within a day, sometimes mixed in a glass of water, just before meals, or in the morning. There is not any risk of taking small dosages of the vinegar. On the contrary, if will bring you a lot of health benefits.

  • Diabetes – the vinegar has an effect on the blood sugar levels on the body. It is believed that the acetic acid in the vinegar can have its power over the blood sugar levels, containing enzymes that break down the carbs into sugar, which gives your body more time to handle the sugar, preventing any sugar spikes. Some studies have shown the apple cider vinegar has been especially effective with people who are suffering from type two diabetes.
  • The apple cider vinegar can contribute to a healthier heart, because it can lower the bad cholesterol levels in the body. It has also been found to lower the triglyceride levels in the body.
  • If you want to lose some weight, turn to the vinegar for help. It contains anti obesity effects and satiety effects which will provide you with the weight results you have wanted for so long. It can reduce the total amount of food you have consumed. If you want to increase the satiety and feel fuller for a longer period of time, try consuming the apple cider vinegar with bread.
  • Whether it comes to a sinus congestion, a sore throat, warts or any skin irritations, even if you’re battling with poor digestion and acid reflux, the vinegar can help you in any of these cases. And on top of all, whatever you consume it for, it will increase your levels of energy during the entire day.

When you use the apple cider vinegar around your home, you probably use it for its natural cleaning agents, which can especially be found in the organic apple cider vinegar. They can kill off any bacteria. Studies have shown that the compounds in the vinegar can be effective against E. Coli and salmonella.

The vinegar can also be effective in killing off the weeds in your home garden. Here is a recipe for a powerful weed exterminator. Just make sure that you spray it only on the weed you want gone, because it is extremely powerful and may do damage to your plants too.

To make it you will need a gallon of vinegar, an ounce of orange oil, a teaspoon of liquid soap, a tablespoon of molasses, and to remember not to add water to this mixture.

Next, if you put some apple cider vinegar in a bowl in your home it can neutralize all the unpleasant odors.

And of course, because it has the best anti bacterial properties and is capable of killing off all the bacteria, it should be used in a water vinegar solution when you are washing your fruits and vegetables. Place them in a bowl of this solution, ten percent vinegar and 90 percent water, swish them around a bit and rinse them off thoroughly. Don’t use processed foods or fragile foods for this process.

If you want to use the apple cider vinegar in your kitchen, there are many creative ideas to do so. You can add it to soups, smoothies and anything you like. Use it in salad dressings or add it in baked goods.

Vinegar tastes good when it is served on fish or meat too, so keep this one in mind. But our favorite is using the vinegar as a base for a cucumber salad.

The vinegar can furthermore be a vital addition to the homemade bone broth. The vinegar here drains all the  minerals into the stockpot water, which is ultimately what you are consuming.

To gt the beneficial acids, using the apple cider vinegar is a good choice, but if it happens to be too much on your stomach, then you can easily replace it with other fermented foods. It will help you with the beneficial bacteria in your gut as well. Keep in mind that the apple cider vinegar is the safest option for you after all.

Now, when it comes to your beauty and hygiene, the apple cider vinegar can help you with a step or two. The vinegar can balance the pH levels on your scalp and get rid of dandruff. For the health of your scalp, use a mixture of a third cup of vinegar with four cups of water.

For the dandruff, spray an equal amounts of water and vinegar, wrap your hair in a towel and sit like that for one hour before washing it off. You can use it as a deodorant under your arms and to wipe your feet from the awful smell.

To prevent breakouts, tap some vinegar on a cotton ball and use it as a facial toner. It may make the bruises heal faster too. Finally, the oral health. This is a pretty important part of the overall health, and the vinegar can help you here as well.

It can whiten your teeth and eliminate the bad breath. Again, keep in mind here that the vinegar is highly acidic, and can create some damage to your teeth if used undiluted. This is why you should always mix it with water prior to using it. If used pure, the apple cider vinegar will damage your enamel, and the tissues in your throat and mouth.

On a final note, always choose your apple cider vinegar carefully. Avoid the distilled versions of the vinegar. This version is terrific for your laundry, but not for your health. Aim for the unfiltered and organic version.

Keep in mind that the long term use of the organic apple cider vinegar can lead to lowered potassium levels in your body, so use it moderately too.

Remember that the organic apple cider vinegar can interfere with some medications, such as laxatives, diuretics, medications for a heart disease or diabetes. Make sure you ask your physician prior to using the apple cider vinegar in order to avoid any unwanted side effects.

To get even more benefits out of it, mix it with some fermented vegetables. There are two mains benefits of this mixture, vinegar with fermented vegetables, and the first one is improving the microbiome in your gut, and the second one is providing you with high dosages of the Vitamin K2, which is a very important vitamin for the body.