So, a recent study conducted by the CCC (Cancer Causes and Control), has revealed to the public a very shocking fact – the Amish people have literally no trace of cancer within their population. These people are considered to be the most healthy group in America.

The researchers from the Ohio State University have originally launched a study about the Amish population to see whether the rates of cancer would maybe be higher, because of their lack of medical care and attention.

Amish People

Amish People

But, what they found was even more shocking! The Amish people have been found to have much lower rates of cancer than the rest of the population in the United States.

What the researchers decided to do next is to take a much closer look in their lifestyle choices, their dietary plans in order to figure out how can they maintain their health with such excellent results.

First of all, most of the Amish people don’t drink nor smoke, and on top of that, they are not typically promiscuous in a sexual way, which led the researchers to believe tat these are the exact lifestyle factors that played an important role in the limited number of the cases that suffered from cancer.

One of the other factors concerning this subject that have been examined was the high amount of labor that the Amish had. Almost all of the Amish people are working in construction, farming, and various other productive jobs that require an intense physical activity.

This is what keeps them in good shape and most of all, healthy. While the rest of the American population sits all day stuck behind a desk, the Amish people are working hard to build furniture and structures, to produce crops and other useful goods. Researchers claim that this is one of the most important things which contributes to an excellent health.

Another factor that is also important is that the Amish grow their own food. This is not specifically examined, but is believed to be true. They only use organic methods which bring them healthy vegetables, fruit, meat and milk, as well as other untainted foods.

The rest of the Americans never get this kind of food fr them. So, the food they consume is rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients which makes the Amish people enjoy an improved health.

Even though most of the people ridicule their way of living, the Amish people are committed to a productive, clean and simple life, and local food, which is what benefits them the most. The rest of the American people can only dream about this kind of lifestyle.

So, at the very end, when you compare a lifestyle of sitting behind a desk for the entire day, eating genetically modified food, and popping pills and various forms of medications, it is perfectly clear which lifestyle is better and definitely healthier.