In many restaurants such as IHOP it their menu there are desserts for breakfast. New York cheesecake pancakes and other can be wind and some of them with a whopping 83g of sugar.

This is more than double that is recommended to a person per day. Muffins that greet us in the coffee shop or bakery aisle can contain over 9 teaspoons of sugar (37g) so you don’t have to go to IHOP so you can get your morning meal rich in sugar.

American Breakfast

American Breakfast



Yogurt? This diary product has the patina on healthy food because of the protein and beneficial bacteria.

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Chobani and Yoplait build their yogurt empires by saturating their products with sugar. Yoplait recently lowered the sugar from 26g to 18g in their strawberry yogurt but that is still more that the recommended.

Think again if you believe that granola is healthier. Story form New York Times compare the results of a poll.

Nutritionists have been asked about their perception of the healthfulness of popular foods and compare them to the general public.

About 70% of Americans call granola healthy and less that 30% of nutritionist. Kevin Quraly and Margot Sander-Katz wrote that no other food elicited a greater difference than granola bars.

High level of sugar and calories is the main reason nutritionists worry about granola. According to CSPI every serving of granola bars has at least 200 calories.

People often eat more than one serving and that means they are getting over 600 calories from one bowl.

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Cereals hide lots of sugar behind their healthy-sounding labels. Health advocates in some reports have pointed out the amount of sugar in Lucky Charms and Honey Smacks.

Cheerios Protein is a variation of classic cereal with added protein. Serving of Cheerios Protein has more sugar than a typical cereal like Trix or Frosted Flakes.

A serving of Honey Cheerios have more sugar than three Chips Ahoy cookies.Cereal should be viewed like crushed cookies in a bowl.

Today we can find many cereals that are rich in fiber and little or no sugar added. Some yogurts are healthier than others.

Siggi’s yogurt in each serving has about 100 calories and 25-50% less sugar that other brands. The safest bet is plain yogurt from all brands.

Serving eggs with vegetables are nutrient-rich option.In Japan breakfast always include rice, miso soup and fish. That means lots of protein, minerals and vitamins.