The desire to reduce fat in the abdomen usually stems from aesthetic reasons, but not always we think that there are medical reasons. They are usually left in the background, and its leading the effort to look better.

Excess fat in the abdomen is a sign of high levels of visceral fat, this kind of fat is considered the most problematic, deposited in the abdomen and around the vital organs (such as liver and heart) and is very risky.

Abdominal Fat

Abdominal Fat

Increased visceral fat is a prerequisite for the development of insulin resistance, heart disease, diabetes type 2 and some cancers.Each of us is well aware that obesity is a health risk.

But did you know that excess fat in the abdomen is an additional problem? If you have a larger volume around the waist, you should know that you have a risk of:

Fats that can appear on the waist and hips can be very tricky and can’t be solved so easy. In this article you can find out how to remove abdominal fats.

With this recipe you will remove fats in a few days and get the body from your dreams. This cream is 100 % natural.You will need two ingredients – just half tablet of camphor and medium packet baby oil.

Mix both ingredients, add camphor to the oil. Make it homogenous mixture. Leave it for two days and before use it, stir it well.Apply this cream every night before you go to the bed.

Massage it well in the areas of your abdomen and waist.Do not start the treatment if you are allergic to camphor. Also you must drink a lot of water.