A lot of experts claim that there are plenty of ways to detect your levels of blood sugar, especially with high blood sugar. And once you find it out, you can quickly act on it.

Some of the most usual signs a lot of people have noticed are weight gain or constant feeling of hunger (and this is even if you are trying to lose some weight), some stomach issues and so on. Well, today we are going to present to you a healthy way that can help you reduce your blood sugar levels as well as your triglycerides.

Blood Sugar Levels and Trglycerides

Blood Sugar Levels and Trglycerides

Some of the most common factors that can cause the blood sugar levels to increase are lack of physical exercise, consuming a lot of unhealthy foods, stress, some health issues, some medications and so on. What you  should also know is that even though the increased blood sugar level is a symptom of diabetes, it does not necessarily mean that you suffer from diabetes only if your blood sugar levels are high.

On the other side, some people have reported a set of different symptoms when it comes to elevated blood sugar levels – increased thirst, dry mouth, dry ant itchy skin, stomach problems, slow healing of wounds and cuts, impotence, blurred vision, frequent urination, always being hungry, excess abdominal fat, urination during the night, weight gain, difficulty concentrating, extreme tiredness, daily fatigue, nerve problems, recurrent infections and so on.

Well, the remedy we’re about to present to you today in this article is very potent and can help you control and reduce your blood sugar levels. The best thing about it is you probably have all the ingredients from it at home already, just look them up.

For the recipe, you will need four cinnamon sticks, 60 grams of garlic cloves, and one liter of water. For the preparation part, just add the cinnamon sticks and garlic cloves in the water and you have got yourself a blood sugar remedy.

Store this in the fridge and keep it for five days in order for the ingredients to set their properties into the water. After  that, make sure you consume one deciliter of this remedy every morning on daily basis, just before breakfast.

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Make this dose twice, then make a 15 day break, and then repeat the process. You will notice the difference immediately. You will be full of energy, with your health restored and your blood sugar levels back to normal!