Emma Sealey, a woman from Redditch, England, has completely changed her appearance since she decided to lose weight in order to improve her health.

At the age of 35, Emma weighed 181 kilograms (399 lbs). She was so overweight that she thought she would die before turning 40. The most impressive thing is that she didn’t consent to any surgical procedures.

Woman Has Lost 125 Kilograms

Woman Has Lost 125 Kilograms

Rather, she decided to lose weight naturally. Thanks to her great commitment, Emma now weighs 125 kilograms (270 lbs) less.

Emma Reduced Her Body Weight with a Healthy Diet and Regular Workout

Due to her excessive weight, Emma could barely walk. When she managed to reach her fiancés’ car, she was unable to tie the seat belt. She says that she was disgusted with herself whenever she stood on the weight scale.

Her family and friends, as well as her doctor, tried to convince her to implant a ring in her stomach. However, she decided to lose weight by making some lifestyle changes.

She started to follow a balanced diet and to exercise regularly, and she managed to replace her old clothes, which were size 36, with new ones of size 8. Currently, she weighs 56.7 kilograms (123 lbs).

When Emma was a child, she lost a close friend and she started to find comfort in food. She began to gain excessive weight, and she never managed to reduce it.

One day, she decided that she needs to make some lifestyle changes because she could have died before reaching 40. She started following a healthy diet regime provided by some local body weight advisors from Cambridge.

Before changing her eating habits, she usually skipped her breakfast, and she consumed sausages, cheese, and onion chips for lunch, as well as rice with bread and chicken with curry for dinner.

Between meals, she usually ate chocolate. However, Emma’s weight loss regime replaced these unhealthy foods with nutritious ones. She now eats cereal with skim milk for breakfast, tuna sandwich with black bread for lunch, and boiled fish and vegetables for dinner.

Also, she replaced the chocolate snacks with fresh fruits, such as apples, oranges, pears, and strawberries. Apart from consuming healthy foods, she started to exercise regularly and to run or cycle when the weather was fine.

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Emma began to lose about 6 kilograms a month, and after two years, she achieved incredible results. She says that she is proud of herself for losing the excess weight and for being able to transform her body in a completely natural way.