We can all agree that having your own, homegrown veggies is definitely a better option than buying them from the store. Even though  it may require some time, you will feel the benefits of it, which are numerous.

It will furthermore save you money, and it does not even require an outdoor garden – you can do it in the comfort of your own home, indoors. All you need is to use fresh scraps, and when you are in the process of regrowing the plants, you just have to make sure you provide them with enough light and water.



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Here is the full list of veggies you can grow in your home:

  • Carrots – this carrot greens can be regrown from the carrot tops. Just cut them out and put them in a dish with a little water in it, and place the dish in a spot where it would get enough light. Even though their taste seems a little bitter, I you mix them with a little garlic and sweeten them with vinegar they make up for a great salad dressing.
  • Celery – to grow your own celery, you will need the bottom of the celery, which is actually a leftover. Just cut off the base and place it in a shallow bowl or saucer, and place it in the sun. in time, the leaves will start thickening and start growing. You should transfer this into the soil after three days.
  • Scallions – you can regrow scallions by using their roots. Just leave out an inch of the scallion to be attached to the root, and then place it in a glass of water in a room with a lot of light.
  • Bok Choy – place the ends of the root of this plant in water, in an area which is well-lit. After one or two weeks just transplant them in a pot with soil and it will instantly grow a full new head.
  • Basil – interesting, but did you know that the basil can be grown from its own cuttings? You have to have several clippings with stems that are about three inches long. Put them in a glass of water and in direct sunlight. Take good care of the roots and when they grow up to two inches, transfer them in a pot. Give them some time and they will grow into full basil plants. To get a firmer plant, change the water constantly.
  • Romaine Lettuce – you can always use the bottom of the lettuce head to grow a new one. Put the stumps o the lettuce in ½ inch of water. After a couple of days new leaves and roots will start appearing, transplant it into soil and it will grow a decent size. You can grow cabbages in this same way.
  • Cilantro – just place the stems in a glass of water until they grow roots, and when they do, transfer them into soil. Of course, you will need to place them in a room with a lot of light and within a few months the plants will be fully grown.
  • Garlic – just take a garlic clove, and garlic sprouts will come out of it. They will have a slightly milder taste, so you can add them to salads, pasta and other dishes. When they begin sprouting, just place them in a glass with a little water in it.