We know that the pH levels determine whether the environment is alkaline or acidic. If its value goes below 7, then it is acidic, if it is 7 – it’s neutral, and if it is over 7, then it is alkaline.

But, in the human body this cannot be the case because every single organ has its own pH value.For an example, the saliva has a span from 6.5-7 pH, the human skin 5.5 pH, and the digestive tract can vary from 1.5-7 pH.

Alcaline Water

Alcaline Water

In a normal healthy body, the pH of the blood is between 7.35-7.45. Those responsible for maintaining this balance are the lungs and the kidneys. So, in case this balance is not kept, your entire health will be affected by it.

Basically, if the pH levels in the body are not within a normal range, and if the body becomes too acidic or too alkaline, all the healthy cells become toxic, which will ultimately lead to their death.

And in addition to this, the body fights off any pH disbalance by storing the excess acidic substances in particular parts of the organs, creating an even bigger acidic environment.

This is why, a chronic pH distortion may lead to death of the cells, malignancy or cell mutation.The worst case scenario of it is that metastasis might occur.

This means that all of the dead cells in the body will remain acidic, and the mutated malignant cells will continue to grow without any control of in which parts of the body they are spreading into.But, taking all of this into consideration, the modern diets are partly to blame.

They make up all this added sugar, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol (which is what makes the body overly acidic), hence our bodies start suffering from diseases such as chronic headaches, fatigue, weakened immune system and digestive diseases.

Because of all this, the alkaline water is something that you should definitely be taking into consideration. If the pH imbalance in the body is left just like that, untreated, a lot of damage can be done.

The alkaline water can provide your body with the necessary hydration, and improve your entire well being. On top of that, it is extremely beneficial for your brain, because most of it is made out of water. The pH levels of the water go from 8-9, meaning it is alkaline, and is considered as a base.

Here is how to prepare it. For the ingredients, you will need one washed and sliced organic lemon, a tablespoon of Himalayan salt and 2 liters of water, purified.

Take a glass jar and fill it with water, add the slices of lemon in it, but make sure not to squeeze out the juice. Then, add the Himalayan salt too. Cover the jar and leave it over the night in a room temperature. The following morning, drink three glasses of it on an empty stomach.

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This is a very important drink if you want to restore the balance of the pH levels in your body, so make sure you consume it properly and regularly. You will notice positive changes in your overall health in no time.