The olive oil has been used for centuries and is a big part of the Mediterranean diet. It is believed to contain plenty of health benefits, especially with the mono saturated fats, the most important compound, that provides us with heart health and other benefits, of course, if consumed daily.

Even a research verified this. Having a Mediterranean diet which is rich in olive oil reduces the risk of diabetes type 2 compared to other healthy dieting regimes.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The olive oil can contribute to a good bone health, brain health, wellness and weight loss. It soothes the oxidative anxiety and the irregular bowel movements.

But, What is Good About the Olive Oil?

It is rich in mono saturated fats, as we previously mentioned, giving less fatty tissue load to the body. Abundant in phenolics, provides the oil with an acidic and buttery taste.

It does not have any protein nor carbs in it, but has traces of hydrogenated fat. It contains the vitamins K and E which are good for the skin, and the phenolic acid which is good for the heart.

And, What is an Extra Virgin Oil? Does it Really Exists?

Yes, there is such thing as an extra virgin olive oil. But the term does not refer to its quality. It does not mean that it is better or with more pureness than the other, it refers to the way it is manufactured. Let us further explain this.

There are four types of the olive oil. The lowest quality of the virgin oil is not fit for consumption, and it is used in the process of soap making.

But, the additional virgin olive oil has the highest ranking on the market because of its superiority in the taste, fragrance, and of course, being cold pressed. It is not more than 86 degrees Fahrenheit warmed.

But, because of the popularity of the extra virgin olive oil, copies and fake oils were developed. When the University of California made tests on all the olive oils in the United States, the results came back with a shocking news – 69% of all the oils were proved to be fake!

This is why you should be very careful when buying an extra virgin olive oil. Because the taste of the fake and the original virgin oils are the same, you will have to find another way to discover which ones are the fake ones.

What is a Fake Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

The fake virgin olive oil is mostly a part sunflower oil mixed with the extra virgin olive oil, sold as the real thing. It can even be a substandard, mixture of various oils from different countries.

It can even be non-Italian, mixture of soybean and sunflower oil along with beta carotene, chlorophyll, and all of this passes as an extra virgin olive oil, so be careful. It is so common that your favorite brand, that claims to be 100% natural virgin oil, may be a complete fake!

How to Recognize a Fake Olive Oil?

There are some tests that can help you differentiate the real oil from the fake one. We gave it some thought, and wanted to share the insight on how to notice the difference. Is it worth trying to know the difference – that is a question which you should definitely answer on your own after reading this paragraph.

You can make an easy examination at home – try to cool down the oil. If it hardens, it does not exclude the absence of sunflower oil, but it means that it does contain mono saturated fats.

And if it does not harden means that it is not extra virgin olive oil at all! Furthermore, if you put the oil in an oil lamp, and it keeps it lit for a longer period of time, then it proves to be an extra virgin olive oil, but the compound part would still remain a blur.

These two methods are not very reliable if you are eager to find out the structure of the olive oil you’re consuming. This is not a precise examination. That is why your best option is to buy olive oil from your neighborhood farmer.

What you have to understand here is that the olive oil from Italy is considered as a standard olive oil in other countries. There are plenty of brands that failed to make it to the list of natural extra virgin olive oils. You can check the full list online!

Finally, you Definitely Have to Look for the Certificate!

To make yourself sure about what you’re buying, you have to search for a trustworthy qualification. The Australian Olive Association and The California Olive Oil Council are proved to be one of the respected and certain accredited programs.

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If you are acquiring it directly from Italy, look for the logo PDO or PGI. Be careful when buying this kind of oil in the future and protect your health!