When the mother gave birth to her baby and when she take it for the first time in her hands, she pulls it strongly and then explores the permeability of the skin, to caress the little clamps.

She probably wants to investigate  the color of the face, hair and other physical characteristics. She heard her first cry and learn how to recognize than other babies.



When she kisses her baby she clearly wants to feel its smell and by the kiss she learns the taste of the baby.Kissing the baby is not only emotional but also a biological approach.

Also kissing has health benefits. A mother kissing her baby while she collects the pathogenic bacteria with her lips from baby face, which later become antibodies that are transferred to the mother’s body.

It probably happened to you at a family gathering that everyone accumulates around the baby. They touch and kiss him on the face and the hands, which then puts it in his mouth.

Some even take baby’s finger and put in their mouth or puts their finger in the baby’s mouth. You are trying in a discreet way to pay attention to not do it, but clearly not worth it.

Therefore you only need to warn them directly with the behavior because the immune system on the baby is not developed, so it is prone to infection.

Pediatrician Ruza Bajic says that babies should not kiss in any way, or even on top of their legs, and if you want to take them, you should first thoroughly wash your hands.”The baby should not kiss anyone except the mother. Only with her skin, baby is in contact every day.

Each of us brings their oral bacteria, the saliva contains up to 500 different types of microorganisms, which depressed immune system of the baby may make a variety of complications.

Simplest label or lipstick can cause redness or rash on the baby’s skin because the baby can be allergic to any of the ingredients.

Especially do not need to baby kissing and touching the face and hands because it constantly puts in his mouth, making sure to always be clean, “advises pediatrician.

An infant in the first encounter with this virus which there is no immunity against it, reacts with a violent symptoms. It usually has a vague fever, exhaustion, refuses to eat, runny nose.

These symptoms precede the appearance of bubbles sick of the lining of the mouth.A mom from UK warns other after her daughter survived an infection caused from a visitor who has herpes simplex after her birth.

Claire Henderson told that one of the visitors carried the herpes simplex virus 1, which causes cold sores and can be transmitted via oral-to-oral contact. She noticed her daughters face while she was feeding her.

The baby had a cold sore and swollen lips. When she got to the hospital, the doctors said that baby’s condition was seriously bad. Than the baby was put on anti-viral drip for few days and her condition started well.

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“We would really encourage people not to kiss babies in the first month of life if they have lesions,” Maldonado said.