The dandelion is one of the most nutritious herbs on the planet, which can provide numerous health benefits.

This herb possesses powerful medicinal properties that have been used in the treatment of many diseases for centuries.

Cancer Cells

Cancer Cells

Our ancestors have used the dandelion tea for healing various ailments, including liver problems, joint pain, muscle aches, viral infections, digestive issues, and certain skin conditions.

Recently, a new study has discovered that this herb has an ability to cure cancer. The study has proved that the consumption of dandelion tea can disintegrate cancer cells within only 48 hours.

The Root of Dandelion Is More Effective in Treating Cancer than Chemotherapy

Cancer Cells

A study, made by researchers from The University of Windsor in Canada, has discovered that the dandelion root is effective in destroying cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones untouched.

Thanks to the overwhelming published findings of the study, Dr. Siyaram Pandey, a biochemistry professor and leader of the study, received an approval and funding for human clinical trials.

In fact, this is the first natural extract to gain approval and support for a clinical human cancer trial in Canada.

The researchers concluded that the dandelion root destroys cancer cells in only 48 hours.

They also found out that this herb doesn’t have any negative effect on the healthy cells, which makes the dandelion an even more effective cancer treatment than chemotherapy.

One of the witnesses of the incredible healing properties of the dandelion root is John DiCarlo, 72, who suffered from leukemia.

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After three years of receiving treatment for his disease, the cancer clinic suggested that he should try consuming the dandelion tea. Only four months later, Mr. DiCarlo went into complete remission.